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I'm proud to offer top-notch legal services to people in Connecticut who have suffered harm as a result of a dog attack as an experienced personal injury lawyer with a focus on dog bites. What sets me apart from other attorneys is my knowledge and expertise in the area of personal injury law, as well as my passion for bringing justice to my clients. 

At the Law Office of Jullian H. Jones, P.L.L.C., I am committed to providing effective and accomplished legal representation to my clients. I am dedicated to ensuring that the needs of my clients are met with empathy, respect, and care. My availability 24/7 shows my willingness and commitment to stand by my clients every step of the way.

I offer a free consultation to discuss your case and determine the best course of action for how we can proceed. I have successfully negotiated settlements and won cases for my clients. 

You have the right to compensation for your pain and suffering if a dog attacks you. I am here to guide you through the legal process and pursue the justice you deserve. Don't wait another day; contact me today to start your journey towards recovery. Contact me today for a free consultation and let's begin fighting for your rights.

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